This is a private, non-commercial web page. It collects information about SystemC and SystemC-AMS. This content is © by me, Wolfgang Scherr, if not mentioned otherwise. By the way, the header graphics I created using a waveform screenshot of the BASK example found in the actual SystemC-AMS users guide of Accellera...
I am very happy that several examples where made possible by using the COSIDE® environment from Coseda Technologies (external link) - thanks a lot!
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I am working at the Carinthia University of Applied Sciences (CUAS) and I am allowed to use the logo in the footer of my web page, as I am using a lot of this information I am showing here also in my classes.

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In case you find any issue on my web pages or want to get in contact for any other reason, on my blog page of  my work place (external link) I provide several options how to reach me.
You may also browse to www.cuas.at and search for my name (Wolfgang Scherr), this will bring you to this web page (external link).
I look forward to hearing from you ! Laughing

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